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In Africa,  the Bodom bead is held in the highest esteem and is usually only worn for celebrations, funerals, and are often buried with the dead.  There is much folklore about their magical powers as well. The origins and date of manufacture for these beads is still in dispute but for the most part, they have been dated to the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Bodom beads are still being made using the same labour intensive methods as the ancestors did. Very finely crushed glass is used. The design is built up with various colours of finely crushed glass in molds. Each bead is carefully and painstakingly created….

Finely crushed glass




Molds for the Bodom Beads

Then a fire is made in the outdoor ovens…..





And then the molds filled with the finely crushed glass are placed in to the oven…


Imagine each bead has been handmade …. No wonder they look proud!

Funky Frog has brought some of these gorgeous beads home … Check them out here..

Bodom Beads

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