What is the leapFrog Project?

leapFrog Project is about giving back and taking a leap of faith.

Village Exchange International/Ghana is a registered non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty in the Volta Region of Ghana using a holistic approach of providing small loans to women, providing economic opportunities through their Income Generating Projects and providing sexual and reproductive health education and outreach.

I volunteered and worked with the women in the Lady Volta Project. Lady Volta is comprised of seamstresses and batikers, who practice the traditional fiber art of hand-painting and hand-dying fabrics, and beaders, who make jewelry out of gorgeous African beads. Although these young women were formerly trained in basic sewing techniques, most had dropped out of school early to raise their children and all were unemployed before being hired by VEG.

Today, the women benefit from daily training and earn a monthly salary that nearly doubles minimum wage, allowing them to achieve financial independence. The products are not only created in a responsible manner but also under a sustainable model. VEG works in partnership with Global Mama, an established fair trade cooperative, to export Lady Volta batiks internationally. This ensures exposure to diverse markets and continued growth.

Village Exchange and Lady Volta help many help themselves in a sustainable way.

Funky Frog visited the new Offices during March earlier this year. The ladies are well established in their new digs – making new batiks, sewing and doing jewelry. I brought home the cutest little girl dresses and some beautiful tableclothes and napkins combos made by Lady Volta …Pure Art in Hudson will be selling some of the dresses and all of the tableclothes … for all info about Pure Art check out their site.

you can donate to Lady Volta by visiting their Fundraiser at razoo and donating directly. You will help make a difference!

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