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Village Exchange
Village Exchange and, therefore, Lady Volta have moved into their new Offices. Everyone is really enjoying all the space …  Village Exchange has a big new office ….

Village Exchange

Lady Volta’s Seamstresses and Beaders have a lot more room …



Seamstresses and Beaders of Lady Volta



The Batikers finally have a ‘room of their own’ ….

Batikkers at Lady Volta

All in all the Offices are much appreciated … However a lot still needs to be done. And Funky Frog wants to help … and you can help, too!  $10 from every Funky Frog Keychain will go towards this sustainable project of Village Exchange.  Choose your keychain here…

And Pure Art is helping by selling Funky Frog keychains in their Hudson Store …


Visit the PURE ART Boutique at 422 Main Rd., Hudson, QC.   450.458.1115



Thanks for visiting Funky Frog!! Hope you enjoy your browsing. If you are buying please note that all orders will be processed on November 29. The store will be closed while Funky Frog is on the 2018 Basket and Bead Hunt in Ghana, West Africa. Check us out on Facebook .. we will post lots of photos!! Email us if you would like us to look for something specific for you..... See you when we get back!! Dismiss