Out of Africa!

Funky Frog’s Ongoing Adventure

When Funky Frog is in Ghana combing through the Bead Markets and whenever possible visiting the Artisans themselves in search of new beads we have stumbled on other wonderful treasures that just have to come home! Traveling north to Bolgatanga to buy baskets right from the cooperatives that make the baskets is now part of the itinerary. One such cooperative, called Blessing Baskets was a fun visit and the story of this visit was the subject of a Blog… Check out our page ‘Curios and Baskets’.

We always keep a sharp eye out for interesting curios… On our last trip we brought home masks, brass figure … who knows what we will find on our next adventure! There are plans afoot for a visit this November 2018 .. stay tuned!!

Thanks for visiting Funky Frog!! Hope you enjoy your browsing. If you are buying please note that all orders will be processed on November 29. The store will be closed while Funky Frog is on the 2018 Basket and Bead Hunt in Ghana, West Africa. Check us out on Facebook .. we will post lots of photos!! Email us if you would like us to look for something specific for you..... See you when we get back!! Dismiss