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Fruits Necklace 2


Gorgeous Funky Frog necklace made of summer ripe African beads ! This exuberant necklace has the tender green of summer shoots and the luscious watermelon red of ripe fruit … Celebrating Summer! We, Canadians, treasure every summer moment we can … This necklace is a summery variation of Funky Frog's Silvia necklace – so called because Silvia of Sisi Boutique-  has sold so many!!

There are several variations of this Fruits necklace, with earrings and bracelets with the same theme being shown in the Sisi Boutique, under the Pink Awning on Victoria street. Check them out there … Silvia or her ladies will be pleased to show them to you!!!

This necklace is strung on beading wire with a closure made in Africa. The necklace is 19″ long with 4 whimsical tassels. The beads are a combo of handpainted contemporary Recycled Glass beads and very old African Trade Beads .


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Thanks for visiting Funky Frog!! Hope you enjoy your browsing. If you are buying please note that all orders will be processed on November 29. The store will be closed while Funky Frog is on the 2018 Basket and Bead Hunt in Ghana, West Africa. Check us out on Facebook .. we will post lots of photos!! Email us if you would like us to look for something specific for you..... See you when we get back!! Dismiss