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Mali Silver Beads Necklace


Medium sized Mali Silver Beads Necklace by Funky Frog imported directly from the Bead Markets of Ghana, West Africa where many traders from all over Africa come to sell their wares. There are three sizes of the Mali Silver Bead : large, medium and small. This necklace is made up of the medium sized Mali Silver Beads with small silver beads at the back of the neck. The necklace is strung on beading wire and is 22.5″ long with a silver ‘s’ hook closure. If you would like to see a necklace made up of the small Mali Beads contact us and specify the length you are interested in … we will send you a photo of a necklace made to your specifications. If you would like a longer or shorter necklace with the medium or large Mali beads again don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know 🙂


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