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Shells and Sand


Please contact us to see if this necklace is still available before ordering as it is at Pure Art in Hudson.

Earth Butter Beads Necklace that reminds you of picking shells on a beach .. with gorgeous terracotta Earth Butter Beads and shells. Strung on beading wire 17″ long with a handcrafted brass closure made by the Krofofrom artisans outside Kumasi, Ghana.

Check out the shells here … remember if you would like only a few shell beads email me and if the strand hasn't been sold we will break it up for you!!

Earth Butter Beads almost make themselves into neckaces … without any help! If you want to get your own Earth Butter Beads go and check them out at Desiree's Etsy Store here .. she always sends your beads out promptly and every single one is a beauty! Of course, for those of you that can come to visit Funky Frog's workshop we do have a stash of Earth Butter beads you can choose from!

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Thanks for visiting Funky Frog!! Hope you enjoy your browsing. If you are buying please note that all orders will be processed on November 29. The store will be closed while Funky Frog is on the 2018 Basket and Bead Hunt in Ghana, West Africa. Check us out on Facebook .. we will post lots of photos!! Email us if you would like us to look for something specific for you..... See you when we get back!! Dismiss