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Silvia Necklace


The necklace you receive might be a variant of the one in the photograph. Each Silvia necklace is unique. Please contact us if you are interested in this specific necklace and we will see if it is still available at Sisi Boutique.

Funky Frog necklace named for Silvia of Sisi Boutique, Westmount. This necklace is Funky Frog’s signature piece made up of gorgeous African Beads including old Trade Beads, Lost Wax Brass Beads and a Batik Bone Bead from Kenya … All the Beads were imported by Funky Frog directly from Ghana’s markets or the Bead Artisans themselves.

The necklace is strung on bead wire with a brass closure handmade in Ghana, West Africa. There are three whimsical tassels strung using waxed linen cord. Each Funky Frog necklace is unique because each is made with hand crafted one of a kind African Beads.

This necklace is named for Silvia of Sisi Boutique, found under the Pink Awning on Victoria St. in Westmount.  She has sold so many of these signature Funky Frog necklaces we changed the name … thank you, Silvia!!