Saving your Cart

Funky Frog has added a new feature to the shopping experience. A few clients have been asking for the possibility of saving their cart. So our trusty wonderful Web Developer, Travis has added the option ‘Save for Later’.

Woo Commerce is very User Friendly. On the product page if you want to buy an item one just presses the ‘Add to cart’ Yellow Button. Once you have done this, as you can see below, a check mark with ‘Small Christmas Beads has been added to your cart’ … with the new button ‘View cart’ appears.

There are two ways of seeing your cart. Press this button ‘View cart’ . Or just above this you can see ‘Shopping Basket’ with a small Bolgatanga Basket and ‘1 item- $6.00’. This stays in this position even if you change pages. So if you continue shopping you can always click this to go see your cart.

Once you have added something to your cart you can either continue shopping or if you know you would like to add a few items at a time you can save this item for later and it goes into a new Cart that is saved for later. You can see below the green button ‘Save for Later’. And below that you can see the Saved Cart and the items you have saved. Once you have done all of your shopping it is just a matter of pressing the green button ‘Move all to Cart’.

Once you have moved everything you would like to purchase back to the Cart you can continue on to Pay Pal and make your payment. Please note than even though you don’t have Pay Pal you can still pay through this gateway. Also Visitors carts usually should be retained for a while even without ‘Saving for Later’ if they revisit the site and have cookies enabled (which they will by default). However to avoid disappointment if you plan to shop and pay later it would be a good idea to use the ‘Save for Later’ Button.

Hope this short ‘How to’ clears up your questions but if you do have any more questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we would be delighted to answer your queries. Also if you come across a glitch Funky Frog will love you forever if you would give us a heads up by contacting us. We know this takes time and patience. Several times Clients have helped us by notifying us that they are having problems. And sure enough the site is glitching … which would have gone on unnoticed without this Client’s above and beyond kindness. We are a tiny one Woman and two grey Cats Enterprise so we need all the help we can get!! .. Once the glitch has been reported Travis, the Web Guy waves his magic wand and fixes it!!! So thanks all you lovely People!!!

Hope you enjoy browsing and shopping at Funky Frog!!


hello, World!! So i have good news and bad news for my fellow Canadians... the bad news is Funky Frog's postage is going up to $18 from $15 ... the good news is is you can still get free postage if your order is over $150.00. ( i know that is kind of good news/ bad news but...) Remember we always reimburse if by chance the postage is less than $18 but we also cover the amount if it is more which is more likely the case. Enjoy shopping @FunkyFrog and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.