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Funky Frog + Packaging

Another beautiful Bolga Shopper Basket has found a new home …this time all the way out in British Colombia….

Bolga Basket

The client was worried about the packaging. Maybe you are too?? I do squish the basket in order to minimize the postage. The Bolga Shoppers are folded like in the photograph…

Bolga Shopper Basket

… so we can get a manageable package that is not too huge. The bigger the package the more the postage and already postage is up there. Not that Funky Frog is complaining – so far Canada Post has been awesome 🙂 But don’t worry about the basket when you receive it it might be bent out of shape a bit because look how it has travelled for several days…


However the  Bolga Baskets are extremely durable.  Since we do want to minimize shipping costs, baskets are shipped in a “squished” state and so will require some reshaping when you receive it.  Simply wet the basket with warm water and shape it with your hands and .. presto! .. your basket will go back to its original shape.  In fact if your basket loses it shape or gets dirty over time, it can be shaped over and over again.  This process will tighten the weave of the basket and make it stronger and stronger.  The colours in the grass will not run or fade when re-shaped with water.  However it is a good idea keep your baskets out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading. Wetting the basket about once a year to hydrate the straw will keep the basket supple and ‘in shape’. So you see, nothing to worry about …

And for all of Funky Frog’s packages, as well as the baskets, we try to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Whenever there is a box or packaging laying around (Recycling Day is great for this!) it will be whisked off home and saved for that special package!!! Even though most of the packaging is recycled we still take time and care because we want it to be a special day when a Funky Frog parcel arrives at your house!