Heading Back

On our way up to Bolga we stopped in Kumasi and put in an order at the Kokofrom Cooperative. And then when we were heading back we were suppose to pop in, pay for and pick up the order …. but the visit was a bit more involved as some of the Metal Workers were still finishing up…

Kofrofrom Co-operative

… the Men in Black !! The Kokofrom Co-operative

So we took a photo when finally each one brought their lot of findings and beads! Please meet Joseph, Koffi, Bannor (Leader of the pack!), Krogme, Kroaku and sadly i missed the last man’s name … but he is a familiar face to me as i see him each time!

Joseph,Koffi and Bannor of the Kofrofrom Co-operative in Kumasi

the Kokofrom Co-operative Kumasi Ghana

Finally everything is packed and we can set off leaving Kumasi to head to Koforidua … much, much later than we anticipated. We finally arrived back at the Koforidua Guest House in the dark around 6:30pm… very tired and hungry!!

The next day was the Koforidua Beads Market … it was my last walk around all the gorgeous African beads under the hot African sun ..until next time!

Koforidau Beads Market

Koforidua Beads Market

Koforidua Beads Market

Koforidua Beads Market

Koforidua Beads Market

chickens! Koforidua Beads Market


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