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Ok it’s not Christmas …. far from it as i wipe the perspiration from my brow! I am in Ho. Dela’s home base and the town i came to to volunteer for Lady Volta way back when. I’m staying in Sleeping Beauty’s house … always has that feeling as it has vines growing up the walls and lots of palm trees close to the building giving it that forgotten look …

Yesterday spent most of the day indoors as it just poured buckets.. it was nice to hear the rain pattering on the plants. Also in the morning Z it was Sunday i had my own choir and drums as there is a church close by and the singing came right into my room. I spent a lot of the day sorting out stuff like blogs and beads. Will be ready to send off my first batch of beads tomorrow…

Today went around day parceling out work which is so much fun. My friend, Louise, asked me to get some zippered pouches made for her to give to clients. They are made out of Architex samples so it is a very clever gift. Martina was delighted to have the work. She went over everything carefully and assures me she will have them done for when i come through again. Thanks again, Louise!

Martina, a seamstress in Ho

And then we went over to Lady Volta where we talked about various projects they will be doing for me. Hopefully i will have some interesting things to bring home.Stay tuned! What was distressing was to hear how orders are really down here too… the Bead Makers were saying orders were down and now the Batikers and Seamstresses .. Apparently the Chinese imports of both batiks and beads is really starting to hurt the Ghana Batikers and Bead Makers. Such a shame. How many centuries have the people of this country been doing these beautiful handicrafts to be beaten out by cheap knock offs. Another reason to try and buy the origninal product and not fall for cheap junk. Grrr. Here is Juliet showing off two of their table clothes which come with napkins!

And then the end of the day … what can i say ‘sandles and beer’ … it says it all.