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Lady Volta’s New Office

It’s the time of year for giving …. what about giving something that by buying will in turn help others??  Everytime you buy a keychain – and even though you get 10% off –  $10 will  go to Village Exchange’s Project of building a new Office….

The woman who form the small group within Village Exchange: Lady Volta will finally be able to have enough room to work comfortably and even recruit more women to join the group; batiking their own cloth, then sewing this batiked cloth and creating jewelry thus enriching this community even more.

The Project is being done in two stages. The front building will house the main office for administration and  rooms where the women will work. Eventually the back building will be a dormitory to house volunteers.  The front building now has a roof and simply needs windows and doors to be inhabitable…

The rooms will be spacious and all the tables with the sewing machines will be set up in one of them…




Village Exchange needs about 2,000 cedis which translates into about $1,000 to get the windows and doors done… Then they would be able to move in and the work can continue on around them.

So in this season of giving why not give a beautiful handmade keychain made from beads that are bought straight from the artisans who handmake them in Ghana? And then have the added satisfaction of knowing that $10 is going straight to buy windows and doors for an Office that will enrich a hard working community in Ghana, West Africa!!  To read more about Village Exchange you can check out my blog, Lady Volta or check out their website Village Exchange

So click here to to read about the leapFrog project and then choose your keychain!!!