What is the leapFrog Project?

leapFrog Project is about giving back and taking a leap of faith.

Brigitte and Robert took a leap of faith when they started Pure Art. Now there is a community of houses, Medical Dispensaries, a Sewing Centre, a Daycare and coming soon a community garden in the slums of Pucallpa, Peru. Also the Foundation sends kids to school and has followed some all the way to graduating from University. They give back.

Gayle and Godwin took a leap of faith when the started G-lish Foundation. And today Edna, a young Ghanaian woman is manager of a team of Weavers and Twisters in Bolgatanga in one of the poorest regions of Ghana making gorgeous baskets and helping the environment by using recycled products. They give back.

Gregory took a leap of faith when he started the Baba Tree. And today there is a vital, energetic and joyful community creating gorgeous baskets made as their ancestors did with elephant grass. There are young Ghanaians being groomed for managerial positions and lots of teaching about the high standards needed to export handicraft to the the rest of the world. They give back.

Silvia at Boutique Sisi took a leap of faith when she took me under her wing… selling my African Beads Jewelry and then the Baba Tree Baskets. She sells so many baskets Funky Frog has been able to do quite a few orders from Baba Tree which warms my heart. I call her the Basket Whisperer!!! Boutique Sisi is under the Pink Awning on Victoria if you are in the market for African Beads Jewelry, Baskets or beautiful women’s clothing!!!

All these people that i have met have taken a leap of faith and give back. They know we are all in this together and the only way to see things get better in the world is to get involved. Not all of us can make such huge leaps but the great thing about it is, is that these large leaps need small leaps to sustain them!! My small leap is to bring baskets from G-lish and the Baba Tree¬† …. and i need small leaps too … like you buying a basket …

And we all give back!


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