Lili + Funky Frog = A Match!

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Lili + Funky Frog = A Match!

One day Lili, one of Funky Frog’s inspirations,  was totally immersed in her  work creating up a storm…


adding some loving touches here and there ….


when Funky Frog interrupted the artistic endeavour to ask if Lili would endorse a Funky Frog Necklace … Hmmm, you want me to do what? I will have to give that some serious thought…


Well, upon consultation with my Amazing Mom, we agree …


But you know what even though I am the cutest, my Amazing Mom should be with me…


Yeah, not bad we like them.


But what I really like is kisses from my Amazing Mom…


We do look pretty good in the Lili Necklaces …


Ta da! Funky Frog + Lili announce that the new necklaces henceforth called Lili’s Necklaces are now on line. Thank you, Lili, for giving the public a sneak peak at Lili’s Necklaces… check out the site here or here or here … (well, you get the picture – there are 8 Lili Necklaces and 4 Lili earrings!)  to see these one-of-a-kind necklaces made up of unusual Interlocking African Beads which can be worn alone or mixed’n match with each other … the necklaces are very Vintage!