Out of Africa!

Funky Frog’s Ongoing Adventure

On the ground in Ghana is truly an adventure. Wonderful people, awesome markets and just after the rainy season it seemed everything was in bloom. Ghana has some extraordinary craftsmen creating as their ancestors did. Funky Frog has been buying beads and now baskets have become a permanent addition to Funky Frog. G-lish Foundation was the first Basket Making co-operative Funky Frog discovered. The G-lish Foundation Baskets which are made with recycled plastic, recycled fabric and the traditional grass are really unique. Funky Frog is the distributer of these gorgeous baskets here in Canada. Boutique Sisi in Montreal is selling these baskets.

During the 2018 Beads Hunt Funky Frog visited another amazing Basket Making Cooperative: the Baba Tree. These baskets are the traditional Bolgatanga Baskets but made perfectly with stringent quality control. Funky Frog is proud to bring these two very different but gorgeous baskets to you.

Funky Frog has brought over some fun Curios as well. There is a collection of Brass made by the amazing Kokofrom Cooperative. This time Funky Frog has brought a collection of African made jewelry home as well.