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Amazonite Necklace


Funky Frog’s Amazonite, old Hebron Beads and a gorgeous Lost Wax Brass bead necklace is so elegant and warm. The beads are strung on leather with a handcrafted clasp made by the Kokofrom Co-operative in Ghana. It is just over 18″ long.

Reading up on Amazonite this passage listing the properties resonated with this necklace .. “Amazonite has an extremely soothing quality and calms the brain and nervous system. It brings balance into our life and gives relief to blockages due to trauma or fear. It stimulates integrity, truth and honor and is said to balance male and female energies.”

“Hebron beads are a kind of vintage trade beads made with salts from the Dead Sea, and they date to the mid 1800’s and earlier. The most common color of Hebron glass beads is yellow. … Hebron beads are very often referred to as “Kano beads” and are cherished by antique bead collectors.”