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Baba Tree Baskets


New shipment of gorgeous Baba Tree Baskets is in …please note prices vary!!! Contact us for info…

There are beautiful Laundry Baskets ($155,$165,$175) in three sizes and various designs some with Black and Tan and others in Colours …

A myriad of Bicycle Baskets ($85,$90,$95)  in all sorts of colours,designs and 3 sizes with a leather strap to attach to  your bicycle. The Bike Baskets are also being used for a myriad of other uses  like storage for toilet paper or tv wands.

The traditional Bolga Basket ($95) that is so fun as a catch all or to take to the Market to get all the fresh summer produce …

The Nyariga  Shopping Basket ($95) that is a fun Summer tote for all things beach or just a day out …

Banasco Baskets ($85) are gorgeous little works of art  … worth collecting!!

Many of these baskets are available to see and purchase at two amazing shops…

Boutique Sisi under the Pink Awning on Victoria in Westmount. You can see the gorgeous baskets in the window … a heads up the Laundry Baskets are going fast!! More than half of them are gone so hurry down to get yours!! In fact there is only one Large and one Small Black and Tan Laundry Basket left.

Pure Art, a wonderful Fair Trade store  at 132 Chemin de l’Anse in Vaudreuil-Dorion also has Baba Tree Baskets. Pure Art on the river is a wonderful destination where shopping has a purpose and gives back.

Also you can contact Funky Frog with any questions or if you would like to arrange to see some baskets at your convenience.  Distributing these baskets is an act of love and a desire to see such an amazing company do well. I have visited Baba Tree in Ghana and was so impressed with the sense of community and above all fair trade actually in action and not just a label!!

Please Note A lot of the baskets have been sold and the baskets in the photos are just to give you an idea of the sort of baskets available. For example there is only one Large and one Small Black and Tan Laundry Basket left.

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