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Bauxite Beads


A strand of approx. small Bauxite Beads strung on raffia 24″ long. The beads are approx. 7 mm. The beads are polished and have an earthy rough hewn look. These beads were bought directly Hidir, a Trader in Koforidua, Ghana. He was telling me these beads are becoming harder and harder to get as  they are handcrafted in a very labour intensive process starting from mining the bauxite from the nearby hills to drilling the holes and as the older generation retires no one takes their place as the Craftsman cannot make a reasonable living.

Bauxite Beads are a beautiful mix of Autumn browns ranging from quite a light almost orange brown to a deep rich brown. These beads tend towards the lighter earthy colours. They give a necklace a natural look and feel.

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