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Brass Turtle Pendant


During 2018 Bead Hunt Funky Frog made a big order from the Kokofrom Cooperative outside Kumasi. These Turtle pendants were made especially for Funky Frog . The Turtle is 45 mm including loop. The turtle as a symbol is found in many cultures. It is said when it comes to animal symbolism, the turtle is a great example of persistence, determination, endurance and much more. For example by its very design, the turtle is a survivor and a is a symbol of protection. Its long life is a symbol longevity and wisdom. Its slow and steady movement is a symbol of patience and determination. Its closeness to the ground links the turtle to the Earth. The Turtle makes for a wonderful Totem, a figure that can guide and help us.

The process these metal smiths are using is the same as their ancestors… back then it was gold now it is any metal they can get their hands on!! If you would like to see the intricate process check out the blog here …


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