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Bumble Bee


A Funky Frog necklace made up of Coconut Disk Beads with a focal handcrafted pendant of a Bumble Bee… Bumble bees are important pollinators of wild flowering plants and agricultural crops. To me, the Bee is a symbol of all that is endangered by the threats that face our beautiful planet. Some ways ordinary citizens can help Bees is NOT to use Pesticides of ANY sort (or be more extreme and buy more wisely) and to grow wildflowers in your garden and neighbourhood … and PLEASE¬† join David Suzuki’s Foundation campaign to demand that Canada ban dangerous neonic pesticides that harm bees, butterflies and other biodiversity.

Health Canada is proposing to phase out a commonly used neonic pesticide in Canada called imidacloprid, out of concern that the chemical threatens the ecological health of lakes and rivers. Health Canada has launched a 90-day public consultation period and wants to hear from Canadians.

Please join me in urging decisive action to ban neonic pesticides in Canada, just as France recently did.

Send a message to government now:

—- The necklace is strung on beading wire 25″ long with metal closure and a flower dangle (for the Bee!)—

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