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Earth Butter


Back by popular demand …. Earth Butter Beads are hand rolled by women from a disadvantaged rural community near Cape Town, South Africa. Desiree designs, glazes and fires the beads in her pottery studio.

These colourful beads captured my heart and are amongst the few beads i don’t actually go and buy (though it is definitely on my bucket list!) Funky Frog has over the years gathered quite a collection. With Desiree’s blessing Funky Frog is offering some of these beads. This way i can destash a bit so i can buy more!!!¬† I am asking for the amount i paid plus the postage of the beads shipped here from S. Africa.

If you, like me fall in love don’t hesitate to check out Earth Butter Beads website here.

8 Beautiful¬† Ceramic beads with a watercolour finish in assorted colours, shapes and sizes. These beads have a rough raw look and feel. There are two colours to choose from, blue and yellow. The blue is sold to Tina … but the beautiful yellow is left.



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