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Kiffa Beads


A strand of Kiffa beads on plastic string 29″ long. There are 60 round beads and 15 dangle beads.

‘Kiffa Beads are powder glass beads named after the Mauritanian city of Kiffa, where French ethnologist R.Mauny documented them first in 1949. Kiffa beads represent one of the highest levels of artistic skill and ingenuity in beadmaking, being manufactured with the simplest materials and tools available – pulverized European glass beads or fragments of them, bottle glass, pottery shards ,tin cans, twigs steel needles, some gum arabic, and open fires. With the passing of the last of the remaining traditional bead makers during the 1970s, the craft became extinct. Since the early 1990s, organized groups of women bead makers are again making Kiffa beads, using basically the same traditional methods.’ (wikipedia)


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