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Mali Clay Spindle


A strand of 5 old Clay Spindle beads from Mali strung on cord. These beads have a variety of geometric designs. The beads range from 23 mm in diameter. They are very special beads. You will receive a strand similar to one in the photos.. If you would like a specific strand don’t hesitate to contact us.

My affection for these beads dates back to when I first heard that these ‘Spindles’ actually evolved into the beads they are today because of our avid collectioner’s heart (all Beaders have one of those!) Originally these Spindles were actually made to spin cotton but then people started collecting them because they were so beautiful. They became rare .. so some enterprising people started making new ones but more as the beads they are today… They are so beautiful and evoke the country, Africa just by handling them and by the fact they are made from Africa’s earth.

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