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Opaque Purple Recycled Glass


A strand of 66 size 2 (about 9 mm) Purple Bodom Recycled Glass Beads on string 23″ long. This strand is a mauve that has an earthy organic feel. Ghana is famous for these recycled beads made from recycled glass bottles. The beads are handcrafted so will vary in size and colour. There is another bead very similar to this strand but rougher here.

These recycled beads were bought directly from the small factory in Accra, Ghana where the artisans hand make the beads in the labor intensive method of their ancestors from crushing glass to baking the final product in wood ovens. The Bead Designer of these beads creates beautiful, very contemporary recycled glass beads.

Purple is a very complex colour. There are so many variations. It is said purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality, the sub-conscious, creativity, dignity, royalty – and it does evoke all of these meanings more so than any other color. Further variations of purple can convey different meanings. For instance light purples are light-hearted, floral, and romantic. The dark shades are more intellectual and dignified. You either love purple or you don’t. It was the one colour most people asked for before the 2020 Bead Hunt!! These small round recycled glass beads are close to the ‘Mauve’ purple in the colour chart.

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