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Orange Tulip Gypsy Bracelet


A Funky Frog one of a kind bracelet with 3 strands … Funky Frog’s gypsy bracelet with a beautiful bead from @jimenastreasures in with African Beads ( Recycled Glass Flower Beads, chevron bead, Kenya Bone bead, Lost Wax Brass Beads, Vintage Glass Beads and Brass geisha Beads) … just love making these 😍

This bracelet with other Funky Frog Jewelry is at Boutique Sisi in Montreal under the Pink Awning on Victoria Street. If you are in the neighbourhood please pop in.. Silvia and her gang will give you a warm welcome! For sure you can buy the bracelet on line as well… we try to keep the site updated but will let you know if the bracelet is available right away. Want to make sure just contact us here!

The bracelet is 7 3/4″  adjustable up to an 8 1/2″ .

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