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Ralph Necklaces


This necklace is called the Ralph Necklace because a couple years ago Ralph Lauren used multiple strands of African Recycled Glass Beads in his Spring Collection … the models looked stunning with the African Beads … can’t remember the clothes but the Beads..!!!! This necklace took its inspiration from Ralph’s Beads … You can wear them in layers or singly .. both looks wonderful complimenting a lovely summer day!  The necklace is made of all sorts of recycled glass beads: handpainted, translucent, sandcast, tubular, disk, round, large and small. Each time a necklace is made a new assortment of colour is produced making each one unique!

These necklaces are being displayed at Boutique Sisi on Green Ave under the Pink Awning in Westmount. Drop in and you will get a lovely welcome from Silvia and the gang!

Photographed here are 7 different sizes .. the longest is about 38 inches long strung on double wax linen cord with a brass disk beads and Christmas beads loop as a closure.If you would like the  38″ long necklace  at $65 please go ahead and order. For the other sizes listed below please contact us here and let us know your preference…. we would be delighted!!! You can also choose another size and we will make it for you with pleasure.

36″ length necklace is $60  (not shown)

34″ length necklace is $55

32″ length necklace is $50

28″ length necklace is $45

25″ length necklace is $40

23″ length necklace is $35

20″ length necklace is $30


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