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Round Bolga Basket


Made from all natural materials and woven in Bolga by Baba Tree’s incredible artisan weavers. This is the design that launched the Bolga basket industry many years ago. These genuine Baba Tree Round Baskets are, by far, the best that you will find anywhere.

This particular Bolga Basket is medium sized and is about 8.5″ high with a 14″ opening. The basket with its rainbow of colours would look¬† wonderful full of carrots, apples and other veggies… This is a very sturdy basket perfect for shopping at the market or as storage for all kinds of things…

At Baba Tree Baskets, the weavers strip and dye the elephant grass fibers into beautiful colours. Their rythmic braiding of these fibers into distinctive shapes and designs reflects years of practice but it is the laughter and singing of the bustling Baba Tree compound interwoven into the very folds of these beauties that make them so special.

Your basket is biodegradable, resilient and of highest quality. Most importantly, your purchase contributes to sustainable incomes in Ghana and brings dignity to the priceless craftsmanship of the Fra Fra people. True value for your money, as you have not bought yourself a basket but a genuine piece of art.

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