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Star Dangle Bracelet-reserved for Rosanne


A new version of the Star Dangle Funky Frog bracelet with 4 strands of beads – still one of a kind as it is impossible to redo exactly a handmade bracelet! One strand of  Fused Recycled Glass Beads (which were new on the market this year in Ghana!) , Handpainted Recycled Glass Beads, Vintage Glass Red Beads and Bicone Brass Beads strung on leather with a lobster closure.  There are tiny brass heishi Beads throughout … There is a Star Dangle and a small Heart Dangle …. a bracelet with a Star to show your Heart the Way!!!

This bracelet is adjustable from 7 1/1 to 81/2″ … the second picture shows how the bracelet looks at 81/2″ … little dangles of Christmas Beads were added. Also instead of hiding the leather ends Christmas Beads were added and leather knotted.