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Tiny Handpainted Recycled Glass


Two bracelet sized strands of about 29 tiny tube hand painted Recycled Glass Beads which are strung on string. The beads are about 10×12 mm and are colourful with a dark blue background and white dots with blue ‘eyes’. The beads are all handcrafted so will vary in colour, size and shape. The strands you will received will be similar to the photo but may have variations in colours.

These recycled glass beads were handcrafted in Ghana, Africa by crushing old, discarded glass, adding colorant and then pouring the powder into clay molds. The stem of a local plant is added, this burns away during firing, leaving a hole for stringing. The beads are fired in a wood burning earthen oven. The beads are then hand painted and then refired.

If you would like to read more about this and see photos please check out the blog: Recycled Glass Beads … Ghana is famous for this type of bead.

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