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Wall Hanging


A gorgeous Fairtrade Basket Wall Hanging with a beautiful  Black, Tan, Orange and Brown Design. The Basket is about 21″ in diameter with 2 handles.  Baba Tree has a myriad of delightful handwoven designs whether it’s a wall you want to cover with many of their fair trade beauties woven by experienced hands or just this one to start your collection. The Wall Hangings are also used as center pieces on beautiful tables. This particular Wall Hanging was made using the Single Weave method of weaving which employs half as many warps and wefts using a thicker straw. This makes the Wall Hanging stiffer and allows it to stand more upright.

This basket was bought directly from the Baba Tree in Bolgatanga, Ghana during our 2020 Beads and Baskets Hunt.

If you would like to read more about Baba Tree please read the blog.  Also if you would like to order directly from the Baba Tree their website address is babatree.com

This basket has $20 additional postage and handling included. If you can pick up the basket contact us.


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