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Wave Basket Bag


A totally unique and one of a kind Weaved Bag handmade by Baba Tree’s incredibly talented Weavers … the undulating waves need a Master Weaver to create! This basket bag is a small size and has a colourful design with pink, purple,green, yellow, orange and black .

This basket is made by Baba Tree’s master weaver Atango Adongo pictured with another of his creations that you can see here at Baba Tree.

Baba Tree has selected an incredible Batik print from artisan and legend Esther Amate and wax prints influenced by the very same that Baba Tree weavers wear for the lining of this basket.  Mix-matched and pattern clashes to further beautify your Stay Flow basket bag and protect what’s inside too. Hand-made leather toggles secure your personals in style. This is one of a kind. Each one is.  Lift your basket game and go with the flow!

This small basket has an opening of about 7″ in diameter and about 8 1/2″ deep with a colourful  lining in reds. Leather covered handles that are an elegant black. More than a basket … more than a bag!

BabaTree treats Baskets as functional art. Incredible!

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