What is Funky Frog all about?

Funky Frog is definitely a mix of business and pleasure!

Funky Frog imports African beads into Canada. You could say this is the business side of Funky Frog. Hey, it is hard work; traveling halfway round the world to Africa, then riding in tro tros to the markets of Ghana to buy the African beads in the heat and dust! Bargaining with some of the best Bead Traders around, trying to juggle what is a fair price for you and for the trader! Then finally getting all the African beads home; not to mention photographing, cataloguing and finally uploading them onto the website for you to view. Lots of hard work! But this would be telling only half the story. African beads are my passion and I get to visit African markets, which are my favourite places in the world. So even though importing African beads directly is business there is a lot of pleasure involved as well!

Funky Frog also has a creative side. You could say here in the Workshop where Funky Frog’s striking African bead necklaces and fun bracelets is the pleasurable side of Funky Frog. After all, I create the jewelry by combining gorgeous African beads together in creative ways. African beads which are colourful, earthy and texturally pleasing to handle and look at. A real joy to work with.

The Workshop itself is a treasure trove of amazing drawers and cabinets full of beads and findings; it is like I get to play everyday! But again this would be only telling half the story because as everyone knows the creative act can be a lot of work, hard work. Each African bead is chosen and put together carefully and often it can be a matter of undoing hours of work, only to try again. So the creative side of Funky Frog is a lot of fun but it has its serious side as well!

We invite you to visit both sides of Funky Frog: the Beads and here in the Workshop where you can view Funky Frog’s African bead jewelry and Bug Stuff. We hope you, too, can combine a bit of business and pleasure!! Browsing and perhaps a little shopping??